About Flu Connect

This comprehensive Seasonal Influenza and Respiratory Virus Infection Prevention Program will enhancing your knowledge, skills and capabilities in preventing flu and other respiratory viral infections.

The Seasonal Influenza and Respiratory Infection Prevention Program focuses on all aspects of preparing your homes for flu season and includes

  1. Preparing your home for flu season: specific actions to help reduce transmission and the risk of outbreaks in the home

  2. Ongoing activities in the home to prevent flu and respiratory infections

  3. Vaccine ordering, immunization program delivery and directions for obtaining regular and high dose flu vaccines

You will find a comprehensive protocol intended for staff members in the home that serves as a checklist for best practices in flu and respiratory virus prevention in the LTC setting.

Training videos featuring subject matter experts will soon be available on this website and include a report on a recent pilot and other relevant studies.

This is a living website and we value your feedback, questions and suggestions about the program. We encourage you to provide your suggestions or comments on the program at https://www.research.net/r/OLTCA-Better-Flu.